Barnet Timebanking Network

The Barnet time bank is currently unavailable

If you would like to find another time bank near you, please click HERE
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Timebanking is the way of spending one hour of time helping someone out and earning one time credit in return where everyone’s time is equal.

Are you an individual?

For example cooking for an elderly neighbour and receiving Spanish lessons in return. You can spend time credits on things like theatre or cinema tickets (if they are available). You could learn something new or share a skill you already have. How you chose to spend or earn time credits is only limited by your imagination.

Group activities are a lot of fun and a great way to meet others. If you would like to be put onto a mailing list to find out where and when these activities or information days are being held, email Lex Karlin, the project manager on barnet@timebanks.co.uk and we will keep in touch with you.

Are you an organisation?

You can also get involved in much the same way, swapping under-used resources with both individuals and other organisations or businesses. Joining the network is easy (see the ‘How to Get Involved’ page). Swap things like meeting room spaces, spare places on training courses, use of a community kitchen or equipment. An hour for an hour.

We will be holding information talks across the borough about how businesses can benefit so express an interest by emailing Lex Karlin, the project manager on barnet@timebanks.co.uk to be put on a mailing list to keep in touch with developments.

Barnet will have a number of drop-ins for you to explore and learn about timebanking.
· East Finchley
· Woodhouse
· Oakleigh
· East Barnet
· High Barnet
· Underhill

There will be publicity distributed in libraries, GP surgeries, community centres and other public places.

We are also working with Community Barnet to grow the timebanking movement across the borough.